Smith Advocacy Group LLC

Delivering effective government relations results for corporations, state and local governments, and non-profit organizations

For more than 30 years, we have provided a full range of government relations services to organizations without Washington well as issue-related expertise and support when needed to those organizations that do maintain a Washington presence.  In all cases, our knowledge, our contacts, and our past successes come to bear in assisting you with your business, regulatory, and legislative challenges and opportunities.

More than 250 domestic and international entities have relied on our ability to deliver beneficial operational and fiscal results.

Our expertise includes: 

    * Advocating legislative and regulatory issues        
    * Providing strategic advice
    * Creating the plan of action...and timeline to get it done
    * Conducting Capitol Hill representation in person
    * Preparing and drafting essential documents
    * Establishing visibility for your issues...and your organization
    Monitoring and reporting progress
        And....getting the results you expect

    Our Industry focus includes:

    * Transportation, Infrastructure, and Public Facilities
    * Maritime
    * Environment
    * Energy and Natural Resources Development
    * Defense and Homeland Security
    * Native American and Alaska Native Issues
    * Public finance and tax

     Our credentials include:

    * Capitol Hill staff and Committee roles
    * Award-winning government relations expertise
    * Lobbying, federal election, and ethics compliance
    * Federal appropriations, budgetary, and programmatic understanding
    * International and cross-border experience
    * Decorated military service








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