Our Clients
& Government Relations Services

Smith Advocacy Group offers comprehensive and professional lobbying and governmental relations services. We work with a diverse client base and provide adequate services to reach your goals. With decades of experience in federal government relations, our advocates ensure an unmatched level of expertise in every aspect of our services.

Our Client Base Includes

  • Transportation.
  • Maritime.
  • Trade association.
  • Alaska Native organizations
  • Environmental offshore response.
  • Government contracting.
  • Municipal government entities.
  • Recreational vessel industry
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Services We Offer

  • Advocate for key legislative and regulatory issues before Congress and administrative agencies.
  • Provide strategic advice on legislative and administrative processes.
  • Draft and prepare texts for legislation or regulations and supporting explanatory documents.
  • Conduct in-person meetings with key legislative or regulatory officials.
  • Monitor and report on critical policy developments in Congress and administrative agencies.
  • Deliver presentations in various public and private forums.
  • Boards of directors.
  • Trade association meetings.
  • Professional conferences.
  • Public gatherings.
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We are Your Private-sector Government Relations Specialist

Usually, solving intricate problems requires interaction at the highest levels in government, business, and public interest groups, our advocates, with decades of experience in significant legislative, regulatory, and administrative processes and government affairs, gained prominence as a private-sector Government relations specialist, lobbyist, and government official.